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Reprints of the popular Book 1, The Adventures of Willy and Billy are now available online and in stores.

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Book 1: The Adventures of Willy and Billy

Price: $17.95

The Adventures of Willy and Billy is an exciting yet educational tale about the adventures and misadventures of a pair of young fish who inhabit the “Magic Lake”. We learn that the young fish in the lake attend school in the old church that lies submerged on the lake bottom. A large catfish by the name of Chester is responsible for ringing the church bell each morning to call the young fish to school where Mrs. Carp teaches her young students all the important things fish need to know.

During summer vacation, Willy coaxes his best friend Billy to swim too close to the water intake for the power turbines at the dam, with predictably disastrous results.  Willy survives his hazardous trip through the turbines but ends up in the river a hundred feet below the dam with little hope of ever seeing his family and friends again.  But through resourcefulness, and a miraculous series of events, Billy manages to return to the Magic Lake and is reunited with his family and his friend Willy to live happily ever-after, or at least until their next misadventure.

  • Hardcover, First Edition
  • Thirty-two pages with seventeen beautiful watercolor illustrations
  • Suitable as a read-to story for young children
  • Can also be read and enjoyed by youngsters in grades 4 and up. 


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