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Book 2: Rachel and the Wizard of Lake Lure

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A wizard is carved from the stump of a giant dead oak tree by a chain saw artist from Bat Cave.  Most people think the Wizard is just a wood carving, but Rachel knows better.  Rachel is a young athletic girl who loves to swim and whose family spends each summer at magical Lake Lure.  Rachel is summoned by the Wizard to serve as his hands and feet to do his work of helping wild creatures in trouble, however she must not tell anyone that the Wizard is real and knows all things.  At the Wizard’s bidding, she convinces her dad to persuade the town fathers to stop lowering the lake in the wintertime, thus preserving the fish habitat along the shoreline and increasing the fish population.  She is then sent by the Wizard, along with her unsuspecting sister Kim, to save a young deer named Myra from drowning while trying to swim across the lake in search of her mother, Anna Lee.

The Wizard is eventually set free by a bolt of lightning to move about and do his own good work.  Rachel never sees the Wizard again, but is keenly aware of his presence when, a few years later, she becomes the youngest girl ever to win a gold medal in the Olympic 400 meter freestyle swimming competition.


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